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Geo Therm Ltd had an enjoyable and informative day attending the IRISS Inc seminar on the 14th January 2016, listening to the very knowledgeable and astute CEO Martin Robinson discuss the benefits of proactive condition monitoring, and installation of the IRISS range of infrared window products and the new Delta T Alert system at the very plush Down Hall County House, Hatfield Heath, London, UK.

IRISS used the hotel location to launch a new range of EMSD’s (Electrical Maintance Safety Devices) that included the CAP-ENV, quoted as “The toughest and most reliable infrared window in the world”. Made from stainless steel with a polymer lens and rated at IP67, it comes with a “non conditional lifetime warranty on the housing and optics” with an option to customise to a clients specification, with all design and manufacturing being kept in house at their purpose built headquarters in Florida USA.

Other new products included the new E Sentry Connect-IR system, utilising NFC (Near Field Communication) and smart card technology that allows compatible mobile phones through a free Android App (soon to be released on the Apple platform) permitting access to critical in-situ equipment data. The E-Sentry system comes fitted as standard to all CAP series IR windows and is also available as a stand-a-lone system that can be added to any IR windows or asset. All information is backed up to the cloud for remote access.

Another inventive product launch included IRISS Delta T Alert™ wireless system, a self-contained temperature-monitoring sensor. The patented unit comprises of two temperature sensors – one to monitor the electrical enclosure internal temperature and the second to monitor the exterior or room ambient temperature. This compact sensor can be quickly fitted to electrical enclosures. With its Wi-Fi connectivity and PC based software it is possible to set-up and managed with relative ease, alarm profiles can be set-up with email notifications sent when critical temperature levels are met. Furthermore, this can be used with cloud based connectivity, allowing users to login and view real-time information anywhere in the world. (BF)

A super day and most informative, for more information about IRISS Inc:


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Geo Therm Ltd IRISS

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