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Renewable Infrared Thermal Inspections Ipswich

If you are in need of Renewable thermal imaging, look no further than the team at Geo Therm. Based in Ipswich our team pride themselves on being the leading thermal imaging surveyors for the Renewable oil and gas industry. We are an Associate members of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) we aspire to meet their aims, to professionally serve and service the Renewable energy sectors to comply with maintenance, Class and commissioning needs.

For more information simply contact our team of survey engineers and find out how our team can help you today.

Solar Panel Inspection

One of the great advantages of thermal imaging is that there is no need to disconnect solar panels whilst performing an inspection. Anomalies are clearly displayed on the thermal imager’s screen as part of a crisp thermograph that is relayed to the user in real time, although the user must set a manual range based on the highest and lowest temperatures on the solar panel in order to emphasise any differences across the cells. The actual temperatures can be determined using an IR thermometer.

A peculiar property of glass is that emissivity depends on the angle of incidence from the position of the observer. Reflectance is higher at 90 ̊ so, in order to avoid a reflection of the thermal camera and operator, the user should be at a maximum angle of 85 ̊. However, extreme angles lower than 30 ̊ result in too-high emissivity so observations should be from a minimum angle of 30 ̊. That gives a 30 ̊ to 85 ̊ observation angle. To help negate the problems associated with front-facing inspections, it is possible in some circumstances to perform an inspection from the rear where there is no glass covering.

Wind Turbine Inspection

As people and businesses become more environmentally aware and want to reduce their carbon footprint, the switch to renewable energy gathers pace. To meet this demand the number and scale of wind farms are increasing, and so too is the requirement to ensure they are operating effectively.

Operating over 35 metres (114 feet) from the ground and with three blades each measuring over 20 metres (65 feet), a wind turbine is not the easiest piece of equipment to inspect.

However, we can survey every part of a wind turbine; from the concrete base on which it stands, to the very tip of its blades and all the mechanics in between. Each survey which we undertake is carried out in a way which minimises the risk to the inspector and the time involved in the turbine being out of operation.

It is important regular inspection is carried out as normally a wind turbine is situated on a hillside in a fairly harsh environment, which means it is continually exposed to the elements. Couple this with the sheer scale of the technology involved, and the reasons for ensuring that all the components are operating the way they should and are structurally sound is clear.

What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal imaging is a unique tool that uses the infrared portion of the light spectrum that is invisible to the naked eye. Infrared (IR), Thermography, or Thermal scanning, as it is sometimes called, allows the user to see one’s environment with or without any visible illumination or light.

Thermal imaging cameras provide a non-destructive, environmentally friendly way to see temperature differentials in an object to verify such things as electrical and mechanical failures, structural design, delamination (disbanding), damage, voids, structural location, and to locate moisture intrusion.

For Renewable Thermal Inspections in Ipswich, Choose GeoTherm

As a reliable, leading thermal imaging surveying company, based in Ipswich we have an outstanding track record of delivery the highest quality inspections worldwide. Our team provides invaluable and immediate data for a variety of applications, from the marine super yacht markets to the oil and gas production and drilling industries and even the domestic housing market.

So, should you be searching for ‘thermal imaging companies in Ipswich’, be sure to call our team at GeoTherm today!

Renewables - Inspections & Maintenance

Geo Therm Ltd are members of the East of England Energy Group (EEEGR) providing professional third-party inspection services & engineering O & M support to the renewable onshore and offshore sectors.

Wind Turbine Maintenance Support

For O & M requirements, our GWO certificated technicians can support client service teams carrying out engineering tasks in offshore and onshore wind turbine maintenance schedules. Ring-fencing our resource is a guaranteed way of ensuring you have the additional engineering support you need to deliver your contractual obligations to your client.

Solar Farms

Equipped with thermal cameras, our drones can cover acres of land safely and rapidly, pinpointing deficiencies in individual solar panels from height, alternatively, we can undertake hand-held inspections for close-proximity work such as HV switchgear or transformers. Our on-site services also include; installation of IR inspection windows to switchgear and transformers, design, testing and commissioning services connecting the solar farm to the grid.

Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Plants

Using either a thermal infrared or Gas Find imaging camera our surveyors can locate high-temperature hot-spots in electrical systems and/or gas leaks in digestion tanks and process piping. Our inspection services provide the technology to identify incipient atmospheric leaks. Thermography can be used to save money, improve reliability and identify health and safety hazards.

Thermal Imaging (IRT) Inspections

Thermography using thermal imaging equipment operated by our qualified thermographic surveyors are regularly contracted to safely monitor the condition of all types of switchgear, motor’s, and distribution equipment. Assist with company PM schedules detecting problems such as: overheating in motor windings, loose electrical connections and ferrules, bus-bolt terminations, gearbox bearings and couplings.

HV Partial Discharge Inspections

Partial discharge (PD) occurs when arcing, tracking and corona activity is present in electrical HV assets. PD is caused by defects in the insulation, overheating and movement of motor stator bars, excessive operating electrical and thermal stresses. Our inspections measure the peak magnitude, providing long-term analysis of PD activity to enable trending and diagnoses on issues related to cyclic loading, humidity, and temperature.

Hatch & Seal Integrity Inspections

Weathertight or watertight, the need for hatch, door and seal integrity is self-evident - to prevent ingress from wind, sand, and precipitation. Condensation, corrosion, and excessive wave action all have the potential to impact on turbine seal integrity. Our ultrasonic emission technology is a tried, tested and approved leak test methodology. A recognised technology applicable for hatch, window and door seal integrity on all types of marine vessels.

Electrical Maintenance Safety Devices, (EMSD’s)

Infrared (IR) windows provide a safe means to visually inspect and detect failing electrical equipment while still under load. Providing a line of site into the asset for inspections aiding operational reliability without the need for drawn out processes and paperwork (i.e. permit to work), bulky PPE or shutting the system down because of risk of electrocution or arc flash. Additional EMSD’s we supply and install include the Delta T Alert® temperature probe, once configured this small device will continuously monitor the internal asset temperature against the external ambient temperature, any deviation against set parameters will trigger an email alert, directing the engineers to the exact location of the asset requiring attention. We also provide equipment Data Tags, these near field communication (NFC) devices are ideal for retaining current asset maintenance information, or using the more versatile cloud based E-Sentry tag system – a real-time asset maintenance information portal that also holds historical data on the same asset and can be accessed remotely anywhere in the world. For additional information on EMSD’s enquire now.