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Maritime Thermal Imaging & Hatch Integrity Testing Services in the UK & Worldwide

If you need an independent marine thermal imaging survey company or an acoustic ultrasonic hatch integrity tightness tester, look no further than the team at Geo Therm Ltd. Based in the UK’s more eastly port town of Lowestoft, our marine surveyors pride themselves on being a leading maritime company of choice for thermal imaging and ultrasonic hatch leak testing service supplier in the industry.

Geo Therm Ltd are a Lloyds Registered and American Bureau of Shipping approved specialist service supplier for thermography and ultrasonic hatch inspections, to assist your needs for complying with vessel PM’s, the ISM Code, Class or P&I audits. 

For more information, contact our team today.  Our IIMS marine surveyors will happily guide you through the survey process.

Marine Thermal Imaging & Hatch Tightness Testing

Monitoring and diagnosing the condition of electro-mechanical system installations and components using our thermal imaging and type approved ultrasonic hatch-sure test equipment ensures failing equipment is identified before a power outage or cargo / water damage claim occurs.


Both inspections types are vital for the safe operation of the vessel. Inspections are typically performed when alongside the quay, at anchor or during the passage.

Maritime Thermal Imaging

Superyacht and shipboard thermal imaging inspections are employed to capture the early signs of heat caused by high-resistance electrical faults that left unchecked can lead to electrical fires. Yacht fires are caused by three primary reasons: electrical system failures, machinery failure and or human activities. While the probability of fire occurrence is low, the potential for electrical fires is high due to the tens of thousands of connections on-board. 

Electrical switchboard and engine room inspection procedure goes as follows:  Upon vessel arrival a Master and Chief Engineer briefing is undertaken to outline the inspection.

For safety, the surveyor is chaperoned by an engineering officer. The Engines are started, and electrical systems put underload >40%.

Energised systems are scanned with thermal deficiencies captured against all possible power sources appropriate to the vessel.

Data analysis is performed, and a report generated. Debrief Master, Chief and vessel management company/client.  Our inspection services are further employed to identify missing or deteriorating exhaust insulation to prevent hot surfaces >220°C igniting engine room fuel-oil leaks, (a SOLAS requirement).

Maritime Hatch Enclosure Inspections

Ship and yacht board acoustic ultrasound testing is used to pin-point failing seals at water/weathertight doors, hatch coaming seals including yacht garage door seals to maintain integrity against water, air and noise ingress.

Classification society rules govern the use of ultrasound testing equipment, both to ensure the equipment is appropriate and that the surveyor understands the hatch covers being surveyed. The rules also cover the recording and reporting of results.

Only approved equipment may be used on Class surveys and only approved service suppliers can carry out the tests. Geo Therm Ltd are Lloyds Register (LR) and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) approved service suppliers for this service. The requirements are contained in the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) requirement UR Z17. The Ultrasonic hatch integrity inspection process goes as follows:

On vessel arrival, the Master and Chief Engineer survey briefing is undertaken to outline the inspection procedure.

Typically, the Geo Therm Ltd surveyor is chaperoned by an engineering officer. All water-tight doors, hatch covers (and if applicable windows) are function tested and ultrasonically checked.

Acoustic leaks above 10% open hatch values are recorded, and the leakage is site-marked to alert maintenance intervention.

At each location photographic and a systematic procedural checklist is followed, and report generated. The Chief, Master are debriefed and the vessel management company receives the final report.


What We Do

Innovative and dynamic inspections and maintenance solutions


We are EEEGR members, providing professional inspection services to support the renewable energy sectors, assisting clients to comply with periodic maintenance requirements, commissioning needs and or supply equipment whether it’s for onshore or offshore needs. See our full renewable inspection services.


We are a Lloyds Register and American Bureau of Shipping approved service supplier, aspiring to meet their level of service excellence with every inspection, ensuring your vessel complies with the PM maintenance regime, Class or P&I Club audit and commissioning prerequisite. See our full Marine Inspection Service.


Geo Therm Ltd are Associate members of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC), American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) recognised specialist and Lloyds Register (LR) marine service supplier. Working in the industry for decades we have built a solid reputation for supporting all offshore inspections.


Geo Therm Ltd are focused on working with every client to limit risks, improve equipment availability and reliability. We offer our independent third party services to ensure compliance with H&S and insurance requirements. We offer LV and HV asset maintenance services

Infrared Inspection

Regularly perform safe visual and thermal inspections into vital energised electrical assets without service interruption. Procurement and professional installation services available to vastly improve site safety, with ROI achieved after the first few inspections.

Marine Thermography

Marine thermography is a key tool used to prevent outages and fires on board ships. Our experienced and certified surveyors will carry out a thorough thermal survey of the electrical system and engine room equipment, with adverse findings highlighted in a detailed exception-based report, which is issued shortly after the survey.

Our surveyors regularly carry out marine thermal imaging surveys across the UK and worldwide.  Performed on ocean going vessels such as cruise ships, superyachts, ferries, tankers, FPSO’s and bulk carriers.

Our surveyors will meet your vessel at a given embarkation point and carry out the survey whilst at anchor, in transit or during commissioning.  There are two key parts to a full vessel thermal survey.

Marine Thermal Imaging – Electrical

A marine thermographic survey of the ship’s electrical systems will include surveying the main switchboards, emergency switchboards, engine room control panels, switchgear, distribution boards, emergency generator equipment and UPS battery systems.

Marine Thermal Imaging – Engine Room

A marine thermographic survey of an engine room includes engines and generators to identify areas where surface temperatures exceed 220°C. SOLAS regulations stipulate that no surface temperatures in an engine room should exceed this limit, to prevent fire ignition in the event of a fuel oil leak.

Superyacht Surveys

Geo Therm Ltd surveyors are widely respected for their experience and expertise throughout the superyacht industry. We understand the complexity of superyachts their systems and operational demands. 

Our surveys can be tailored to the needs of the owner, management company or Chief for any stage of a superyacht’s life cycle, to produce a concise survey report supported by clear, constructive conclusions and observations. 

In summary, our thermographic and ultrasonic hatch integrity surveys are non-invasive, cost- effective and timely, meaning operational uptimes are maintained, regardless of yacht size. Annual service agreements using an accredited third-party company ensures impartiality, insurance and audit compliance. 

Drawing on industry best practices, experts like Geo Therm Ltd are capable and credible to thoroughly survey the electro-mechanical system of your yacht to identify thermal and ingress deficiencies to prevent the risk of blackouts, fire and water damage. Feel free to contact Geo Therm Ltd today, for free friendly advice.



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