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If you are in need of Marine thermal infrared imaging or an acoustic ultrasound hatch tightness testing, look no further than the team at Geo Therm Ltd. Based in Great Britain’s most easterly port town of Lowestoft, Suffolk our inspection team pride themselves on being a leading thermal imaging and ultrasonic hatch leak testing service supplier in the maritime industry.

Geo Therm Ltd are a Lloyds Register approved service supplier, aspiring to meet their recognised level of service excellence with every inspection, ensuring your vessel complies with the PM maintenance regime, Class or P&I Club audit and or commissioning prerequisite.

For more information contact our team of IIMS marine surveyors and find out how we can help you today.

Marine Thermal Imaging & Hatch Tightness Testing

Marine Thermal Imaging & Hatch Tightness Testing

Monitoring and diagnosing the condition of electro-mechanical system installations and components using our thermal imaging and type approved ultrasonic hatch-sure test equipment ensures failing equipment is identified before a power outage or cargo / water damage claim occurs.

Both inspections types are vital for the safe operation of the vessel. Inspections are typically performed when alongside the quay, at anchor or during passage.

Thermal imaging inspections are contracted to discover incipient high-resistance electrical faults to prevent electrical fires and are used to great effect to comply with the SOLAS requirement to pin-point missing or deteriorating exhaust insulation, so preventing hot surfaces >220°C igniting engine room fuel-oil leaks. Electrical switchboard and engine room inspection process typically goes as follows:

  • On vessel arrival a Master and Chief Engineer briefing is undertaken to outline the inspection procedure.
  • For safety, the inspector is chaperoned by an engineering officer. The Engines are started, and electrical systems put underload >40%.
  • Energised systems are scanned with thermal deficiencies captured against all possible power sources appropriate to vessel.
  • Data analysis is performed, and a report generated. Debrief Master, Chief and vessel management company/client.

Acoustic ultrasound testing is used to pin-point failing seals at watertight doors, hatch and coaming seals and garage door seals to maintain weather tightness integrity against water, air and noise ingress.

Classification society rules govern the use of ultrasound testing equipment, both to ensure the equipment is appropriate and that the surveyor understands the hatch covers being surveyed. The rules also cover the recording and reporting of results.

Only approved equipment may be used on class surveys and only approved service suppliers can carry out the tests. Geo Therm Ltd are Lloyds Register approved service suppliers. The requirements are contained in the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) requirement UR Z17. The Ultrasonic hatch integrity inspection process goes as follows:

  • On vessel arrival, Master and Chief Engineer survey briefing is undertaken to outline the inspection procedure.
  • Typically, the inspector is chaperoned by an engineering officer. All water-tight doors, hatch covers (and if applicable windows) are function tested and ultrasonically checked.
  • Leaks above 10% open hatch values are recorded, and site-marked to alert maintenance intervention.
  • At each location photographic and a systematic procedural checklist is followed, and report generated. Debrief Master, Chief and vessel management company/client.
Marine Hatch Tightness Testing

For Marine Thermal and Hatch Inspections in the UK and worldwide, choose Geo Therm Ltd

We are a reliable, leading thermal imaging and ultrasonic survey inspection company, based in Suffolk, with an outstanding track record of delivery and quality inspections worldwide. Our team provides invaluable and immediate data for a variety of inspection applications, from the high-end superyacht market to the general cargo coasters up to Cape-size vessels, including oil and gas drilling rigs.

So, should you be searching for ‘thermal imaging or hatch inspections’ or other marine services from Geo Therm Ltd as per our drop down menu below, be sure to call our team of marine IIMS surveyors at Geo Therm Ltd today.

Hatch Water Tightness Inspections

Approximately one third of all P&I claims are cargo-related. A significant portion of cargo claims are caused by water damage, due to the ingress of sea water via the hatch covers of dry cargo vessels. Geo Therm Ltd regularly perform hatch ultrasonic inspections for merchant and the super yacht market with hull-type garage hatches. The inspections locate defective seals and steelwork, directing maintenance attention to a specific point for repair work, before the voyage. The inspections are performed on every cargo hold hatch, external superstructure door and hydraulically operated internal watertight door. The Ultrasound inspection technique is faster and more reliable than the traditional chalk mark and water dosing method.

Thermal Infrared (IR) Inspections

Our non-destructive Thermal Imaging Inspections onboard ships will help the chief engineer locate extreme temperatures in ship-wide electrical distribution systems, including the detection of engine room auto-ignition hot surfaces to eliminate electrical overloads and outages, and help prevent hot surfaces becoming an ignition source igniting fuel-oil leaks. The IR inspections are thorough, performed by a minimum level 2 qualified Thermographer, with offshore and marine experience. Each inspection provides real-time thermal information on energised equipment, identifying items requiring immediate intervention and/or managed in the engineers’ maintenance program for repair allocation. Our inspections can also look for porosity in fiberglass hulls. Geo Therm Ltd IR inspections are typically performed by one Thermographer, who is chaperoned by a junior engineering officer, thereby maintaining safety and best practices throughout each survey. We provide two formal deficiency based reports following each inspection.

High Voltage Partial Discharge (HVPD) Inspections

Using our fixed mounted or handheld Ultrasonic equipment we can locate partial discharge (PD) in HV systems. Partial discharge in the form of arcing, tracking and corona emit ultrasound. Spectrograph waveform and modulated noise aids fault location and diagnostics. Once PD is discovered, it will always increase and if left will inevitably cause a failure which may be sudden and catastrophic. Our Partial Discharge inspections are available worldwide, conducted by qualified personnel using market-leading instrumentation to provide real-time monitoring, and impartial reporting on the condition of the vessel’s critical electrical assets.

Installation IR Thermal Night Vision Cameras & Controls

We can supply and fit the thermal and night vision Flir M400 marine thermal camera and control system for your yacht. Used to aid navigation, identify obstacles and potential threats, the state of the art system is the most affordable stabilised pan and tilt system on the market today. Installation and commissioning is performed by our technicians, or sold separately for your engineer to install. Contact Geo Therm Ltd for more information.

Asset Mounted IR Cameras

We provide, install and configure this novel, panel mounted combined visual/IR inspection window – the MN4000. The device captures fully radiometric data every second providing remote access into each asset to which it is installed. The MN4000 provides the end user with remote access via its dedicated MONITOR software – with the added advantage of being incorporated into existing PLC or SCADA programmes.

Electrical Fault Finding - IR Window Installation

Let Geo Therm Ltd install the DNV and ABS approved infrared inspection windows into critical engine and thruster room switchboard doors and rear section covers, permitting safe visual and IR scanning fault finding capability. The IR windows permit energised scans, protecting personnel from flash over events. Installation helps ensure compliance with the NFPA 70E standards. Using the correct tooling, it is possible to remove covers, install a circular IR window and replace the cover in less than 30 minutes, keeping any operational disruption to a minimum. We typically install the IR windows when the vessel is quayside, pending visa approval we can install the IR windows on any vessel in any UK or overseas port. Generally, a switchboard section requires two IR windows, (depending on internal component arrangement and size of asset). Should you wish to improve your reliability and fault-finding capability, moreover improve ship safety, call Geo Therm Ltd today, we have discounts available on orders over 20x IR windows. For additional information on IR inspection windows enquire now.