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Geo Therm Ltd
Thermal Imaging,
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Offshore Inspection Services

Geo Therm Ltd are Associate members of the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) we aspire to meet their aims, to professionally serve and service the offshore energy sectors to comply with maintenance, Class and commissioning needs.

Thermographic (IR) Inspections

Condition monitoring offshore drilling and platform rig energised electrical equipment with a minimum of 40% load using the latest radiometric thermal imaging cameras has been the main stay of our business since 2002. Identifying extreme thermal stress and electrical issues before an outage occurs. Applicable to the entire rig-wide distribution equipment from: SCR’s, transformers, engine generators, main engine exhausts, MP/DW motor’s, motor bearings and bulkhead temperature monitoring during flaring.

Ex Inspections

We also offer Ex inspections to offshore platforms, drilling rigs and LNG vessels for annual inspections and maintenance of Ex equipment to ensure continued compliance and includes updating of the asset Ex Register. Whether it is a detailed, close or visual inspection our inspections will meet your requirements, verifying installed Ex equipment meets BS EN60079 specifications and standards, identifying non-compliance items and potential sources of ignition.

Compressed Air Leak Inspections

Air is free until it is compressed. Our inspections can pin-point the smallest compressed air leak, even in noisy environments. Air passing through a crack or pin-sized hole will generate turbulence, creating a HF ultrasonic component. Using the latest ultrasonic probes, we able to locate and tag each leak in readiness for repair. This inspection method can also be applied for hydro-carbon leaks to limit emission losses and improve & minimise energy related costs.

Circuit Breaker Injection Testing & Verification

TGeo Therm Ltd can provide circuit breaker injection testing. Testing main circuit breakers under full operating voltages and currents can be impractical when overseas, under managed conditions secondary current injection testing can be performed to comply with 5 yearly checks. Our test-set injects and measures the current required to trigger its operation. The test confirms circuit breaker operation performance, critical in any electrical breaker system. All current injection work is carried out by qualified technicians using calibrated equipment.

A60 Door Replacement, Hatch Cover/Door Air Leak Testing

Checking doors and hatch seal integrity is vital for hold and accommodation air tightness and an often-overlooked component to any offshore PM program. Hatch and door tightness testing is critical to ensure no inhalation of gases dangerous to health (such as H2S) occurs and preventing water ingress likely to result in cargo damage and stability issues. Testing utilises the ultrasound leak test method, this non-destructive test method is ideal for A60 rated doors and all hatch types. We also supply, fit and air leak test A60 rated doors and seals.

HVPD First Pass Monitoring Inspections

Partial discharge (PD) is a condition that occurs in high voltage electrical switchgear connections and cabling. When insulation deteriorates, it creates a characteristic high-frequency noise. If PD continues, it will erode the insulation and eventually result in a complete failure or breakdown, resulting in a potential interruption to operations. Failures often cause unplanned power outages, loss of production, equipment damage and worse - personnel injury. By detecting and trending PD over time, it is possible to observe its trend and characteristics that will assist in the decision-making process.

Hazardous Area Gas Leak Inspections

Leaks in any live system is a cause for concern, when they occur in process vessels and piping holding combustible gases they become a health and safety priority. Our IR Gas Finder uses the latest infrared technology to locate fugitive gases escaping into the environment. Able to detect a range of volatile organic compounds the IR Gas Find camera can rapidly scan large areas and miles of piping, to deliver real-time thermal imaging of gas leaks helping to identify worn, damaged, or incomplete assembled components.

Supply & Install Infrared (IR) Inspection Windows

Inspecting energized electrical equipment is a hazardous, high risk task. Using and installing our range of Infrared inspection windows will permit safe and permanent viewing access into live equipment without the risk of exposing people to the risks of electrocution or arc flash – important if lone working on remote assets is required. IR windows will also improve the efficiency of maintenance regimes (thus reducing costs) and permit engineers access to the live assets at any time without the need to obtain a permit to work, compromising their safety, the safety of the environment housing the asset and the stability of the asset itself. Infrared inspection windows are easily fitted into enclosure fronts/doors at point of manufacture or can be retro-fitted into many types of electrical cabinets, such as switchboards, transformers, MCC’s and generator housings. For additional information on IR inspection windows enquire now.