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Management at the AdaptBio Gas AD plant in Murrow near Peterborough has given the green light for Geo Therm Ltds return during April. The site produces biomethane from biodegradable wastes, with the gas being exported to the National Grids high pressure transmission line.

The Geo Therm Ltds thermographic survey will help the sites maintenance team with their preventative maintenance tasks, to reduce downtime occurrences while complying with their insurance prerequisite. The electrical biased non-invasive surveys will look for hot-spots within the energised systems, with the company’ reports directing the maintenance team to those systems warranting corrective attention. Ensuring on-going site performance, activities and biomethane production.

The AdaptBio Gas site in Murrow helps reduce the UK greenhouse gases, the site is comprised of five primary digesters and one after digester, and capable of producing 1200 Sm3/hour from cattle muck, residual farm feed, and a small amount of energy crops. The nutrient rich digestate by-product is then re-used by the farming community to feed their soils.

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With thanks to Adapt Biogas for the use of the digester photo and logo.

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