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Valaris Ju-120 rig management have opted to use Geo Therm Ltd to install over 100 infrared window units onto their vital switchboard and transformer equipment.

The Valaris Ju-120 rig is a premium 3-legged jack-up rig designed to drill in harsh environments, such as the North Sea. The rig has an IMO number 9621479 and sails under the flag of Liberia. It is one of four Valaris enhanced rigs within the 120 series, built by KFELS from the Super A design and capable of operating in water depths of 400ft.

The utilisation of CorDEX infrared windows will support rig electricians to perform ad-hoc and periodic rig PM audits, furthermore, third-party inspectors with their annual inspections when the electrical systems are under high loads.

The CorDEX brand of IR window was partly chosen due to their reliability and use on previous Valaris rigs. Installation will take live electrical inspections and predictive maintenance to a new level of safety, efficiency and accuracy. The installation is penned for March 2024 and will take no longer than one week to complete.

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