Thermal Imaging

The infrared camera is the ideal tool to solve the problems you face every day at your job. This handheld infrared device is designed to passively detect heat emanating from an object, accurately measuring the surface temperature without having to touch it. In the hands of a skilled third party surveyor, it is possible to save tens of thousands of pounds by identifying early those components operating above a temperature baseline, and likely to fail.

Invariably, excessive heat is the precursor to electrical and mechanical equipment breakdown. Watch this short supplier video from FLIR: Why use Thermal Imaging to justify using this vital tool to improve your existing maintenance plan needs. With survey findings helping Technical Planners to make informed choices, to implement timely repairs before your equipment blows a fuse, catches fire and an outage occurs.

Fast yet very effective, Geo Therm Ltd thermographic surveys are successfully utilised in factories, warehouses and manufacturing facilities to the state of the art offshore wind jack-up barges, drilling rigs and drillships operating though-out Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. When a problem exists, think thermally to prevent those heart racing, costly reactive responses to equipment failure.(TD)

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