The recent Paris Climate Conference in December 2015 saw over 190 countries sign-up to a legal agreement to drive down carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from fossil fuels, to limit global warming to below 2°C from pre-industrial times.

The threat of global warming is a real problem; every individual and company has a responsibility to reduce their CO2 emissions. As an inspection service provider to the energy sector we acknowledge this global problem, we are launching a New Year’s campaign to help you safely reduce your CO2 emissions, albeit indirectly by tackling the forth utility, compressed air.

Regarded as the forth utility after electricity, gas and water, compressed air powers an array of industrial machines and hand tools, while consuming vast amounts of electrical energy. Compressors can account for up to one-third of the energy consumed within a industrial facility. Inefficient and under-managed compressed air systems represent a substantial cost component of any manufacturing or process need.

Compressed air leakage can be as much as 40% in any one facility, forcing the compressor to work harder for longer just to feed the leak. Compressed air leaks generate turbulence and by virtue an ultra sound component, inaudible in human hearing. Utilising Geo Therm Ltd inspections services and the latest in ultra-sonic equipment it is possible to pin-point the smallest air leaks, even in noisy environments, to immediately reducing CO2 emissions upon leak repair.

Adopting our Ultrasound Surveys into your maintenance plan this will dramatically improve losses in your compressed air systems, reduce CO2 emissions, enhance green credibility, safety, compressor reliability and longevity while dramatically improve energy savings by as much as 10% with the very first survey. Go green this New Year and reap the benefits with Geo Therm Ltd’s Air Leak Ultrasound Inspections. Call today on 01502 723241.

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