Infrared Windows

Geo Therm Ltd, are now a UK sales distributor and installation engineers for the IRISS inc. brand of infrared windows, including the IRISS Platinum Series VPT and VPFR Series, CAP T Platinum and CAP Series, and VPFC Series. These systems are used to great effect for safe measurement when performing infrared & visual PM checks into critical energised electrical equipment.

Other benefits include:
Complete PM inspections without removing covers or opening panels.
Save’s significant man hours when inspecting.
Safe, access to critical equipment, under loaded conditions
View areas with windows up to 24” wide & bespoke designs even on curved surfaces.
Maintains closed guarded condition.

Used extensively in all types of industry, IRISS Inc has become a leading infrared window manufacturer, able to design bespoke electrical maintenance safety devices. We install these protective barriers necessary between the worker and energised equipment to comply with NFPA 70e. (TD) Call Geo Therm Ltd today for a no obligation quote: +44(0)1502 723241.


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