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Light turns to dark and the mind becomes plagued with the onset of the foreboding night, the hourly grandfather clock chimes the middnight hour and the seconds tick louder in the errily silence, while in the belfry bats fly fast and the lichen covered head stones obscuring the finely engraved lettering grow at a more glacial pace, and the moon partly hiden from view by a sturdy single leafless branch, and there in the distance a flicker of candle flame casting its dim yellow and crimson light upon a small face peering through a window pane, patiently waiting to capture the first sighting of the ghostly apparition on Halloween’s Eve or the irresponsible trick-a-tweeter bent on pranking or hastening their dental plan need.

Halloween has its celebratory beginnings in an ancient, pre-Christian Celtic festival of the dead. According to the Celtic calendar, the year began on a day corresponding to November 1st on our present calendar. This date marked the beginning of winter, when crops were harvested and stored, moreover it identified the end and a beginning in an eternal life cycle and considered the most significant day in their Celtic calendar. This day was called Samhain – the day when souls of the dead would travel on to the otherworld.

Virtually all present Halloween traditions can be traced to the ancient Celtic day of the dead, the wearing of costumes, roaming from door to door demanding treats, which later evolved to trick-a-tweeting. At Geo Therm Ltd we hope you enjoy your evening of fun, we will be keeping a vigilant watch donning helmets and suitable attaire armed with our thermal imagers and a bag of candy waiting for the little darlings as they go from door to door and any ghosterly figures should they materialise, ready to run when they do! :0) (TD)

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