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We are delighted that a further request comes from the EnscoRowan management, this time from the management team on board the E100 jack-up rig confirming our noted offshore thermographic inspection service is to go ahead in August.

Earlier in 2019 the E100 rig completed major improvement works in Dundee Scotland, since June it has began a 5 well contract for Repsol-Sinopec in the North Sea.

The E100 and Geo Therm Ltd have a long shared history, with it being our very first Ensco drilling rig we surveyed off Port Harcourt Nigeria way back in 2005, since then we have provided its thermographic inspections almost without interruption.

For additional information about the E100 rig, including EnscoRowan drilling activities and emplyment opportunities visit:

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With thanks to Piotr Jajlinski & for the E100 image below.

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