Thermal Imaging

Geo Therm Ltd inspection team are returning to Egypt to further cement our commitment to Jotun Paints, commencing the favored inspection services at their brand new production and logistic’s facility at the 10th Ramadan City in the central heart of Egypt.

The thermographic survey is planned for mid July and to last no longer than one week.  The facility located on the outskirts of the city is expected to produce 70m liters of paints per year, principally for the internal Egyptian market.  The company’s products vary between paints, home decoration, protective coatings, marine coating products, and coating powders.

This 1.2bn EGP faciltiy is the latest investment by the Norwegian paints giant in the MEIA region, Jotun paints currently operates 37 production facilities, 64 companies and is represented in more than 100 countries around the world. For further Jotun paints information, please visit:


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