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Management on the EnscoRowan E109 rig has once again given the green light for Geo Therm Ltd inspectors to return and perform two of its needed PMR’s – thermographic and Ex inspections, off the coast of Cabinda, West Africa.

The inspections are planned for early July, and intended to last slightly over a two week period. These electrical inspections are part of EnscoRowans comphrensive preventative maintenance program to identify high electrical and engine exhaust surface temperatures,  that may if left unchecked create a concern to the operational safety and intregrity of the rig.

The EnscoRowan109 has an IMO number: 8768323 and an ABS Classification. It is a KFELS MOD V Super B Class design, able to operate in moderate to harsh environments in water depths up to 350ft, and drill down to depths of 35,000ft.   For additional EnscoRowan information please visit: https://www.enscorowan.com/

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