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We are delighted to confirm Geo Therm Ltd are to return to Angola, to perform our renown IRT inspection service for Sonangol, aboard the 7th generation drillship, the Sonagol Quenguela.

The Quenguela is working under a bareboat charter for Sonadrill – a joint 50/50 venture between Sonangol and Seadrill. Seadrill are operating the latest generation drillship on behalf of Sonadrill.

The Sonangol Quenguela drillship is a DP3, dual-activity, e-smart ultra-deepwater drillship delivered in 2019. It is capable of drilling well depths down to 40,000-ft well. The Geo Therm Ltd survey is penned to begin during the 4th quarter of 2023.

For additional information on Sonagol and Seadrill visit:

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