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Geo Therm Ltd receives confirmation from the rig management on board the Valaris Ju122 to perform it annual Thermographic Survey. The survey covers the electrical PM duty surveying all accessible electrical distribution equipment, to locate thermal anomalies likely to cause service disruption.

The Valaris Ju122 is a three legged super “A” class rig, designed to drill in harsh environments. It has an International Maritime Organisation (IMO) number: 8771629 and ABS Class: ABS-A1-MODU. The rig can operate in waters to 450ft deep and drill to depths of 35,000ft.

The Ju122 is currently working for Shell, and position in the North Sea Judy Field, approximately 150km south-east of Aberdeen. The Geo Therm Ltd Thermographic Survey is intended to begin in mid to late September 2023 and expected to take one full week to complete.

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