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Geo Therm Ltd have written a Guest Blog for the internationally renowned Thorne and Derrick, an international distributor of LV-HV Cable, Cable Jointing & Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment. The article explains how infrared thermography and ultrasound services can quickly and cost effectively help to identify problems within LV/HV switchboards, electrical distribution systems, machines, buildings and infrared window utility. If you would like to read this article, please click:

Geo Therm Ltd would like to thank Thorne and Derrick for their due diligence providing us with another platform to emphasis our complimentary electrical services, exceeding all our expectations. If you would like more information about Thorne and Derrick, visit: Furthermore, if you want to know more information on LV-HV Cables, Cable Jointing & Hazardous Area Electrical Equipment please visit:

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