Management for Stena Drilling has again chosen Geo Therm Ltd to perform the annual Thermographic Survey on board the Stena Spey semi-submersible rig, with services intended to start in mid-January 2023.

The Stena Spey is a Friede & Goldman L907 (enhanced Pacesetter) twin pontoon, column-stabilized, semi-submersible offshore drilling unit. The Stena Spey is able to operate in water depths of 1,500ft and is one of two semi-submersibles and 4 drill-ships owned by Stena Drilling.

The Geo Therm Ltd Thermographic Survey will assist the Stena Spey’s maintenance crews with their electrical PM’s to identify high resistance electrical issues that if left unchecked could lead breakdowns and downtime.

Stena Drilling is a wholly owned subsidiary of Stena AB. Stena Drilling’s core business values are focused on care, innovation and performance within the energy sector, while striving to improve safety, both to the environment and personnel involved with task.

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