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We are delighted to make public management on the Ensco 80 drilling rig has once again awarded Geo Therm Ltd with their annual Thermographic Survey (IR).

The IR inspection is used to great effect throughout the Ensco fleet, to detect elevated switchgear and electrical distribution equipment temperatures, before they develop into outages and service interruption. This will be Geo Therm Ltd’s eleventh IR survey on the Ensco 80.

The ABS Classed rig is owned by Ensco, one of the world leaders in offshore drilling. The rig was design by LeTourneau, and built by Marathon LeTourneau at the Clydebank Scotland shipyard.

The ENSCO 80 Jack-up can operate at water depths up to 225 ft and drill down to approximately 25,000 ft and currently working for Repsol Sinopec in the North Sea.  The IR survey is planned to go ahead in mid October.

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