Eco Verde Energy (EVE) is one of the UKs leading operational & management consultancy services for Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Plants. With nine AD plants in England alone. The green energy provider has chosen Geo Therm Ltd inspection services to cover works at its newest Attleborough AD facility – for Attleborough Eco Electric Limited.

The electrical biased Thermographic Survey is penned to start in mid-August, as a prerequisite to cover its insurance and maintenance needs, with Geo Therm Ltd experience and service history outshining its contemporaries in performing energy related and AD plant thermographic surveys.

This method of producing biomethane from waste at the Attleborough AD plant will inject app. 1,000 scm/h of upgraded biomethane into the local gas grid, suppling green gas to some 4,000 homes, (whilst diverting some 100,000 tons of food waste per annum from landfill), saving roughly 15,819 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per annum and contribute to the goal of Net Zero by 2050 set out by the British Government.

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