Jan 2020 inspection work starts early for Geo Therm Ltd

December 28, 2019 10:10 am

Inspection work will begin early for Geo Therm Ltd, as our first 2020 electrical Thermographic IRT Survey contract is to start on the first of the Valaris 120 series ultra-enhanced super A class rigs, the JU-120 on the 3rd Jan.

The IRT survey will coincide with workover / drilling operations for Chrysaor at a ConocoPhillips UK asset (asset TBC), with our surveyor mobilising from Aberdeen.

The Valaris JU-120 rig is designed to operate in a variety of environments, in water depths up to 400 feet and safely drill down to depths of 40,000 feet for the most demanding large multi-wells.

The IRT survey is used on an annual basis in compliance with the JU-120 comprehensive PM regime, to pro-actively locate early electrical issues to prevent unwarranted outages, and maintain operational excellence.

For further information on Valaris and the JU-120 visit: https://www.valaris.com/

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Valaris 120 rig

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