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Geo Therm Ltd’s 2019 Christmas cards are now hot-off the press.

The limited Christmas card run captures a meeting of friends warmed by a roaring living room fire, with the husband surprising his wifes guests wearing a protective full arch flash heat suit and holding a thermal camera to measure the room temperature, albeit, the camera thermometer bursts under the instense heat!

The card design is brilliantly executed by Gordon Songar (formerly Lowestoft Journals cartoonist) and kindly printed by Colin Foreman and his team at Graphic Solutions in Lowestoft.  Our MD was heard explaining the card scene, emphasing our infrared cameras do not burst, nor is his waist line ever that big, unless that is, after eating too many Christmas mince pies!

A safe, warm and joyous Merry Christams to all our families, social media friends and clients – without whom our year would be very cold indeed.  Thank you all.



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