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Our MD Anthony Dale (Tony to most of us) is delighted with being upgraded from technical to full membership of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS) this week.

The IIMS  is the largest independent, non-political organisation of its kind, promoting professionalism, recognition and training of marine surveyors worldwide.  It has a worldwide membership nearing 1,000 individuals in over 90 countries.

Based in Portchester, Hampshire, the IIMS Represents the marine surveying industry to government and non-governmental organisations such as the International Marine Organisation (IMO), Coastguards, insurance companies and vessel owners.

The coveted Full membership was award following the comprehensive body of supporting evidence shown to the board of IIMS committee assessors, including working >25 years in the maritime and offshore industry, 18 years as a marine surveyor.

For further information on the IIMS visit:

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