Thermal Imaging

Geo Therm Ltd offer thermal imaging surveys & condition based monitoring (CBM) services to the offshore, maritime, re-newables, domestic and commercial buildings. Our non-invasive services are unique way to detect faults in electrical and mechanical  systems before failure.

Infrared thermography is the most effective predictive maintenance technology used today, accurately and safely locating over-heating and problematic equipment fast. Overheating issues cannot be seen by the human eye unless glowing cherry red, or when aided using a high resolution thermal imager as operated by trained NDT thermal imaging surveyors, which Geo Therm Ltd provide.

With our modern handheld infrared imagers or permanently mounted infrared monitoring systems we are able to shoot real-time infrared thermographs or thermo-videography, enabling our surveyors and technical staff to locate deleterious hotspots to within a 0.1˚C on your site or viewed remotely and best performed when the equipment is running, meaning production lines will not be stopped when our survey scans are being performed.

Once on site vital equipment and likely failure points are reviewed, aiding a predicative maintenance plan to narrow down and prioritise our survey focus. Thereafter we can improve upon existing preventative maintenance needs, scanning equipment to help you prioritise repair findings during a designated down time interval, as emphasised in the comprehensive survey report Geo Therm Ltd has compiled.

The service Geo Therm Ltd offers is safe and efficient, mopreover a great means to save you money, as extreme temperature anomalies indicative with failing equipment, downtime and potential catastrophic losses are identified and prevented.  If you are thinking about saving money, preventing downtime and improving plant safety then look no further, think thermally, think Geo Therm Ltd.


Proactive Maintenance Application Poster by Fluke.

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