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We are once again excited to return to Dubai.  Geo Therm Ltd will begin the first of three back-to-back surveys from the 20 MEIA regional sites confirmed in the recently signed service contract with the Norwegian paints giant Jotun.

The first survey is penned to start on the 7th Oct, with the two man Geo Therm Ltd team starting at the Jotun paints LLC production facility in the Al Quoz industrial area. Thereafter, completing surveys in the nearby Jotun Dubai accommodation block and then onto the Jotun Abu Dhabi paint factory.

The Geo Therm Ltd inspections will comprise of three types: 1. an electrical survey, 2. a thermographic survey and 3. a portable appliance test. The inspections are all designed to facilitate operational up-time, and compliance with  Jotun paints maintenance and safety auditing needs. The work-scope is intended to take no more than two weeks for all three sites, albeit three weeks are allocated to allow for the Abu Dhabi Covid19 quantine period. (TD)

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