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Excellent news for our offshore services, as management on the Ensco 109 rig awards Geo Therm Ltd with a combined EX and IRT inspection survey.

The Ensco 109 is one of over thirty jack-up rigs owned by Ensco.  The rig has an IMO number: 8768323 and an ABS Classification. It is a KFELS MOD V – Super B Class design, that can operate in moderate to harsh environments in water depths up to 350ft, and drill down to depths of 35,000ft.

This is Geo Therm Ltd’s third IRT and second EX Inspection on the Ensco 109 since its arrival in Angola. The Inspections are penned-in for mid July, during drilling operations for the oil major Chevron off the Cabinda coast, West Africa.

The electrical biased inspections are an invaluable service to any offshore O & G drilling and production company, Geo Therm Ltd’s offshore services are implemented to locate any extreme surface temperatures, and locate equipment that pose a concern to the operatioal safety and intregrity of the asset. (TD)

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