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Marine Offshore Buildings

in step with infrared

The use of infrared thermography is fast becoming a standard survey method for maritime, offshore and industrial companies reliant on a professional third party inspection company to perform their annual inspections in compliance with classification, preventative maintenance prerequisites and the law.

Identified as one of the most diverse condition monitoring techniques available today, our cost effective thermographic inspections have a greater potential to prevent downtime and reduce maintenance, process and energy related costs than any other technology today. The technique is non-invasive, designed to pinpoint the exact location of system deficiencies using heat responsive thermal imaging equipment.

This non-contact inspection method can be carried out when a system is live, meaning no system needs to be shut down for the inspection to go ahead. When equipment temperature anomalies (hot-spots) are found corrective maintenance strategies can be planned and implemented before system failure occurs.

With a proven survey track record since 2002 delivering quality thermographic inspections worldwide providing coherent, impartial survey reports that our clients immediately benefit from; our annual repeat of business is a testament to our ability to save energy costs in domestic dwelling and tens of thousands of pounds with each offshore or maritime survey.

When maintenance issues arise think on a different wavelength, think thermally, think Geo Therm Ltd.