Another ultrasound device designed purposely for hatch, door and window water tightness inspections for ship use have been procured by Geo Therm Ltd. The new DOOR/CARGO-SAFE Hatch Cover Tester from Class Instruments Ltd in the UK. This premier device is designed to generate and detect high frequency (HF) sound above the human hearing range for use in the marine industry.

The device is ABS Type Approved and perfectly accompanies our renown offshore non-destructive electrical Thermographic inspection services. The handheld sensor will determine whether doors, hatches even window seals are fit for purpose and weather-tight. Once the sound generator is in-place and emitting HF sound, the closed less then water tight door will emit escaping HF noise where the seal is least effective. No escaping HF sound establishes water tightness. The system works perfectly well in high noise environments for instance to determine the effectiveness of engine room door seals, due to the HF component of sound.

Used for cargo hatch covers, bow, stern and side doors and windows to locate potential water ingress, to prevent water damage and claims against insurance and P&I clubs. Vessel inspections promptly arranged, call today and have one of our surveyors to test the integrity and tightness of your vessel hatches before sailing. +44(0)1502 723241 (TD)

Geo Therm Ltd - Cargo Safe HF detectorGeo Therm Ltd - sea door testing using HF ultrasound Cargo Safe system

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