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For safety and operational reasons the practice of opening energised electrical enclosures is controlled and invariably prohibited, making maintenance checks in critical systems near impossible to perform. However, it is still essential to know whenever a problem could be developing within the enclosure. To do this safely, it is possible to install any one of the two forms of electrical maintenance safety devices (EMSD) below:

1. Install infrared windows for visual and thermographic inspection
2. Install a Delta T Alert™ sensor for continuous online temperature monitoring

Individual installation of either EMSD have their own specific advantages – the infrared window enables safe visual acuity into the enclosure identifying extreme temperature component hot-spots using a thermal imaging camera, whereas the remote monitoring and immediate receipt of texts and emails following a pre-configured temperature deviation being triggered by the ever vigilante Delta T Alert™ temperature sensor.

Clearly using the thermographic infrared window and the Delta T Alert™ system have their own merits and advantages. When combined however they become mutually advantageous, enabling the low cost means for facility managers to immediately direct maintenance teams to the exact enclosure while permitting safe observation of the exact problem. Expediently identifying and preventing equipment failure and critical system outage.

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Delta T Alert attached to busbar enclosure
Delta T Alert auto emails and texts warning of temp change
Delta T Alert the remote temperature warning sensor

All images from IRISS Inc.

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