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On the 18th of February, Geo Therm Ltd employees Simeon Lee and Dr.Louise MacCormac presented a 2 hour STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) presentation at the Lowestoft College, highlighting our technologies and services to the assembled 14-16 year olds. Impressed with the students attitude and inquisitive nature made the session a most enjoyable event – with the students giving-up their half term holiday week to attend the STEM event with a focus on energy and an appreciation of what local companies do, technologies used and geographic areas operating in.

The students were particularly interested in our Infrared thermal imaging cameras, how Simeon and our other engineers use them to great effect when surveying electrical and mechanical equipment located onboard offshore platforms, ships and manufacturing sites. Demonstrating what information can be obtained, image interpretion and disseminated back to our clients. The students also had a chance to get to grips with one of our FLIR T440 thermal imaging cameras, taking a few infrared “selfies” to show off to their families and peers once back in their respective schools.

Geo Therm Ltd are always happy to support Lowestoft College in its efforts to encourage young people to choose the right STEM subjects when looking to further their learning, longer term vision for university and career path choices. (LM/TD)
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Geo Therm Ltd - Lowestoft College STEM session 1
Geo Therm Ltd - Lowestoft College STEM session

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