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Complying with the UK  easing of the Corvid-19 lockdown on the 4th July 2020, life at the Geo Therm Ltd offices in Reydon Suffolk have returned to its near normal self, that is if you can call wearing face masks and maintaining a 1 meter social distance as normal.

Thankfully those staff members that suffered from the virus have fully recovered, henceforth, we are now able to provide all existing clients with their on-site inspections, whether is offshore, local, national or international – pending travel restrictions and flight availability at this time.

To avoid dissapointment and service interruption, we strongly suggest contacting Geo Therm Ltd without delay.  The staff here look forward to assisting you whenever and wherever they can, albeit replying in a rather muffled manner! Stay safe, healthy and yet remain vigilent to any further virus outbreak.


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