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Geo Therm Ltd a leading provider of Infrared (IR) Thermography since 2002, are delighted to offer our customers – new and existing, an incredible ‘4 option sales package’ for Infrared IR windows (size 3″ or 4″ diameters) at considerably reduced prices:

OPTION 1 – Geo Therm Ltd to supply & ship CorDEX IR windows only, with a 10% discount on the RRP. (Min order quantity 10 IR windows.

OPTION 2 – Geo Therm Ltd will supply CorDEX IR windows with a 20% discount on both purchase and installation cost. (Min order quantity 25 IR windows)

OPTION 3 – Geo Therm Ltd will supply & install CorDEX IR windows at a 30% discount on total costs, and include at time of installation a Thermographic Survey at IR window installation points. (Min order quantity 40 IR windows)

OPTION 4 – Includes Option 3 and a site-wide Thermographic Survey of electrical distribution equipment with an additional 15% reduction on our day-rate.

The 11kVA rated CorDEX IR inspection windows permit a safe and permanent inspection means into energized electrical equipment without disrupting operations or fear of arc-flash or electrocution. We also supply and retro-fit other leading brands of IR windows, with discounts. For further information or to discuss an option please call our team on +44 (0) 1502 723241 or email: Offer valid from June 20th to Dec 31st 2016. (TD)

Take a quick look at the short promotional IR information from CorDEX: further information on IR windows can be found in our blogs and social media pages.

IW3000-2 corDEX CorDEX infrared inspection windows

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