Infrared Windows

Permits to work, risk assessments, PPE, tool box talks, the use of insulated tools, defeating interlocks or removal of bolted covers are just some of the prerequisites needed whenever it becomes necessary to work on energised electrical equipment.

A safe, non-complicated non-invasive means to detect electrical issues is the use of thermal imaging. Failing components typically emit more infrared heat energy than components operating normally, however a line of sight is required to detect a temperature difference. A line of sight requirement is one of the limitations when using thermal imaging, leaving the engineer exposed to the potential of arc flash.

Geo Therm Ltd has on numerous occasions provided the right solution to overcome both concerns. Offering a supply and retro-fitting service for infrared inspection windows, by far the simplest, inexpensive yet beneficial solution to condition monitor and troubleshoot electrical distribution systems safely.

Coming in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm diameters or various rectangular sizes compliant with NFPA, IEEE and OSHA and UL tested permit the safest means to visually and thermally pin-point electrical issues without fear of electrocution, or need to wear bulky arc-flash suits and open live energised equipment ever again. Geo Therm Ltd, here to save you time, money and keeping you safe. (TD)

Call for additional information and IR window offers: +44(0)1502 723241.

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