The Diamond Offshore Drilling (UK) Ltd (DODI) management team on board one of the worlds largest semi-submersible the Ocean Great White (OGW) has called for Geo Therm Ltd’s offshore thermographic inspection services to begin in the last week of February, as the rig starts its new energy campaign for BP in the North Sea, with the BP campaign expecting to last >300 days.

The Geo Therm Ltd inspection is to last 10days to cover rig wide electrical distribution equipment, and main engine exhaust systems, to identify hot-spots that is synonymous with failing electrical equipment due to high resistance, and degraded exhaust insulation. This DODI service request is part of the GEMS quality manual system, to complete PM needs using a professional third party inspection company.

The OGW has a DNV Classification and is a 6th generation harsh environment rig capable of drilling down to 10,000m in 3,000m of water. The rig measures 123-meter long and 78-meter-wide weighing some 60,800 tonnes.

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