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Geo Therm Ltd Co. director Tony Dale has become a committee member to the United Kingdom Thermography Associated, (UKTA). The official UK body supporting affiliated Thermographers, companies and interested people in the world of infrared thermal imaging.

The committee provides a unified voice for practicing Thermographers, primarily based in the UK. The quarterly meetings are designed to extol the merits, procedures, methodologies and equipment used in the rapidly developing field of thermal infrared imaging and its applications, under the auspices of the British Institute of Non-destructive Testing, (BINDT).

The committee will help with the personal certification to recognised standards, improve trainer and survey procedural needs as set-out in the UKTA Code of Practice. Ensuring integrity, survey impartiality and repeatability, qualities that Tony insists ‘’all surveyors should never loose sight off’’ likewise, emphasis on a continued professional development for all UKTA professional Thermographers, with a clear route plan to keep current in their respective fields and survey methodologies.

With Geo Therm Ltd now actively involved with the board, we not only see this as an opportunity but also a privilege to be at the forefront of the UKTA decision making processes. Helping to promote and steer the course of UK thermography into the twenty first century. (TD)


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