Geo Therm Ltd received confirmation for Ex inspection works, with two inspectors penned to support the ODE Asset Management Ltd Group on the satellite platform Blythe, a NUI (normally unmanned installation).

The ODE Asset Management Group are responsible delivering safe, efficient and cost-effective production operations on the Blyth NUI asset. The Blythe and Southwark NUI’s are joint ventures between IOG Plc and Cal Energy Resources (UK) Limited.

The ODE company, as part of the DORIS Group has an international reputation as technical service providers, with over 50 years’ experience in consulting, engineering, procurement, project management, operations and supporting services to the offshore oil, gas and renewable energy sectors.

Geo Therm Ltd become valued vendor for the ODE DORIS Company Group in early 2021, with this second Ex-Inspection for ODE works allocated for mid-April, to appraise the condition of explosion proof electrical equipment.

For additional ODE Doris Group information visit:

ODE GeoTherm

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