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The visit from the head of the European arm of IRISS, one of the leading infrared (IR) inspection window manufactures visited Geo Therm Ltd on 20th Nov. The insightful talk highlighted the benefits of using the IRISS brand and their application into the workplace environment. In particular, the ease to quickly-fit and improve safety when performing routine visual, ultrasonic and periodic thermographic inspections into electrical and reciprocating equipment.

Once installed, the safety devices will assist in listening for ultrasound and observing thermal ‘hot-spots’ associated with electrical arcing, loose connections, overloaded cables or even overheating and deteriorating bearings, without having to remove housing covers.

The informative talk elaborated on the IRISS Company, who coincidentally are able to use their in-house design and manufacturing prowess to make almost any size inspection window to meet a plethora of dimensional needs, even to fit curved surfaces. Their systems even surpass cabinet integrity and type approval ratings. IRISS also let upon their new and innovative product range for launch in the Q1 of 2016, meeting DNV, ABS & Lloyds Register requirements. We are eagerly awaiting the new products, to complement the additional supply and installation services that we at Geo Therm Ltd have become exceptionally well known for.

Thank you David for your time, information and presenting us with the IRISS display unit. For more information about IRISS and their product range contact Geo Therm Ltd or visit IRISS directly at:

David Smith from IRISS, a leading infrared inspection window manufacturer talking to Ben Fuller and Tony Dale of Geo Therm Ltd.

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