Infrared Windows, Thermal Imaging

When equipment is operating on a 24/7 basis breakdowns become inevitable, requiring a fast reactive response to get the system back online. By adapting a facilities electrical system to incorporate 11kVA IP65 rated viewing portals, breakdowns inside vital electrical switchgear can become a thing of the past. Installation facilitates regular PM inspections into the equipment, preventing the need to open doors and covers to reveal vital equipment, while safeguarding against arc-flash.

Best working practices are further reinforced, protected by the enclousre inspections become quicker and safer monitoring temperatures using either a infrared spot thermometer or thermal imager, with minimal loss in radiometric temperature and image resolution. With safe, regular checking a component effected by heat will become immediately apparent, with the eye focusing toward those extreme surface temperatures deviating from a comparative baseline. Extreme heat is the early precursor to component failure and the first sign to implement pro-active measures or maintenance needs to prevent a breakdown.

By combining infrared window installations & thermographic surveys will enhance safety and operational efficiency, moreover increase profitability in the facility, with the ROI likely to be achieved with the first prevention. Let Geo Therm Ltd provide you with the one-stop shop to supply, install and survey your plant, process facility, vessel or offshore barge. Call for our thermographic services today on: +44(0)1502 723241. (TD)



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