The Goats FC a Geo Therm Ltd sponsored team become 2016 league champions

October 10, 2016 9:20 am

We have excellent News from the world of 5-a-side football with The Goats FC becoming champions of the Norfolk FDC county fives Gorleston Premiership. As sponsors Geo Therm Ltd are incredibly proud of the team and their outstanding efforts throughout the season.

The Goats F.C a professional look and new identity with the printed goats logo above the Geo Therm Ltd central livery. The players and small fan base have stated how professional the kit looks.

The Goats F.C. have aspirations to turn their 6-a-side team into an 11-a-side team, with Geo Therm Ltd maintaining support – to achieve their dreams. This league is played on a Thursday night with 24 teams and has around 200 senior players. (TD)

The Goats FC #1The Goats FC #3

The Goats FC #4

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