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Suffolk-based inspection company, Geo Therm Ltd has undertook its most recent overseas contract in Egypt. The firm inspected phase 1 of the latest Jotun paints production and storage factory to open in the MEIA region.

The Norwegian owned company is one of the world’s largest paint manufacturers, producing colourful paints for home decoration, specialist marine and environmental coatings, including dry powder paints

Geo Therm Ltd’s renowned thermographic inspection services was employed to locate and report on high-resistance hot spots within the paint factory’s entire electrical system, used to pre-empt equipment failures that are likely to cause production stoppages.

The factory is in the industrial area of the 10th Ramadan City, an hour’s drive east of Cairo. It is purposely built to produce paints for the Egyptian marketplace.

Completion of phase 2 is expected to be in 18 months. When in full production, the Jotun factory will produce some 70m litres of paint per year.

Jotun No1 in Paints


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