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EnscoRowan 92 rig management has confirmed a Geo Therm Ltd inspection is to take place in early June. The annual inspection will occur while the rig is working for ConocoPhillips in the southern sector of the North Sea, with our service engineer primed for mobilisation from Norwich, UK.

The annual Thermographic (IRT) Survey is undertaken to comply with the rig company’s comprehensive PM requirement, to locate, correct and recheck any electrical thermal deficiencies that may course an outage if left unattended. Additionally, the engine room exhaust systems will be surveyed to locate exposed hot surfaces over 220C degrees.

The EnscoRowan 92 is currently on a long term contract for ConocoPhillips, decommissioning, capping and making good redundant wells. For further information on EnscoRowan’s offshore activites visit:

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