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Utilizing our Infrared (IR) gas-find surveys can monitor fugitive gas emissions safely and quickly in petrochemical refineries, offshore platforms, ship-holds and storage tanks using our FLIR gas-finder-ir thermal camera. Gases, invisible to the naked eye can now be optically detected to locate dangerous and expensive leaks at a safe working distance, to discover weeping joints, valves and other process connections leaking to the atmosphere.

Our gas-find-ir leak detection services will scan your vessel or process facility quickly and thoroughly detecting leaks with pin-point accuracy. Our surveys provide real time reporting without service interrupt.

Using our systems can significantly improve safe working practices, while help address environmental and regulatory compliance concerns. Once the leaks have been found and repaired we will re-survey to verify their successful close-out.  In conclusion, our gas-find-ir surveys are an invaluable aide to help you maximize work site safety. Watch the gas-find-ir video here:

gas find photo

Gas find images

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