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We are delighted to be returning to Egypt for the Norwegian paints giant Jotun. Geo Therm Ltd’s condition monitoring services are contracted to perform three electrical biased inspections.

Thermographic (IRT), Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) and Electrical visual inspection services will be employed throughout the Ismailia paint facility, the inspection services are used to pre-empt equipment failures that are likely to cause production outages and personnel injury.

The Norwegian owned company is one of the world’s largest paint manufacturers, producing liquid and powder paints for home decoration, specialist marine and environmental coatings.

The factory is in Ismailia, on the north west bank of the Suez Canal and approximately 90 minutes drive from Cairo. The factory produces liquid paints for the Egyptian marketplace, including storage, offices and testing facilities. The Geo Therm Ltd inspection is planned to begin in early March, taking one week to complete. (TD)

For more information on Jotun visit: https://www.jotun.com/eg/en/corporate/about-jotun/


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