Thermal Imaging, Ultrasound

We are again delighted to be awarded yet another Seadrill contract, to fore-fill two of the West Capella drillship PM’s, providing the High Voltage Partial Discharge (HVPD) and Thermographic Inspection (IRT) requirement, beginning late June. This will be Geo Therm Ltd’s sixth visit to the West Gemini.

The HVPD and IRT inspections are individually used to ascertain and report on equipment that exhibit signs of insulation degradation identified by the emission of ultrasound, while the the IRT is used to locate and report on electrical components under thermal stress due to high loading, that may fail through over-heating.

Both inspection types are an annually undertaking, performed by an independent third party inspection company to support vessel operational PM requirements, on this 6th generation vessel. The inspections will take place during the 16 day voyage from Tenerife in the Atlantic Ocean to Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea. On arrival at Cyprus, the West Capella will begin working for the oil major Total. (TD)

For more information on Seadrill and the West Capella visit:


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