Thermal Imaging

I don’t like to pass blame nor exclaim “I told you so”, but there comes a time when one simply has too or wish they had! Let me explain, an indecisive engineer could not firm-up the annual electrical Thermographic Survey date, frequently postponing and post-dating the survey due to operational, personal or other erroneous reason.

After several courteous email’s and telephone prompts reminding the client engineer to our contractual obligation and professional due diligence – to perform the IR survey in an energised state, in order to detect electrical high resistance, high temperature hot-spots. Our polite calls fell upon deaf ears, and the retort “it will be alright, what can go wrong?”

Finally, two nights before the survey and with equipment checked and charged ready for use, we received yet another cancellation and unlikely start date, stating one of the four buildings had burnt to the ground, and an electrical fire is likely to blame, with a cost of £6M to repair.

Six months later we eventually returned to the site, with a new engineer to greet us and to our surprise a new contract to perform a bi-annual survey. Before I could state the obvious, the new engineer looked at me, smiled and stated, “I don’t like to pass the blame nor say I told you so, but I know you know you wished you have done!” (TD)

Taken from our Linked In blog, May 2017.

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