Thermal Imaging, Ultrasound

Seadrill has confirmed Geo Therm Ltd is to perform a combined Thermographic and HVPD survey on its 6th generation ultra deep water drillship the West Gemini, currently located off Angola. The West Gemini was delivered from the Samsung Heavy Industries in South Korea at the end of June 2010 and has constantly worked offshore Angola since then, for the French super major Total.

The drillship’s original all in construction cost is estimated at approximately $600m. The vessel has an IMO: 9459931 and registered in Panama. It has a dead weight of 61439 tonnes, its huge size can accommodate some 180 crew members.

Upon arriving in Angola in August 2010, it began preparations for the operational startup of Total’s massive CLOV project in the Block 17 area. The CLOV is an $8 billion investment by Total that’s located approximately 90 miles off the coast of Luanda, the capital city of Angola.

The combined surveys Geo Therm Ltd are contracted to perform are to commence in early April 2017 and used to ascertain high resistance issues in rig-wide LV systems and a first pass partial discharge acoustic emission testing in HV switchboards. We are very excited about this return visit and welcome the repeat of business on our fifth consecutive annual visit. (TD)

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