Partial dischargers (PD) emit energy in several ways, producing electromagnetic emissions in the form of; radio waves, light & heat, acoustic emissions in the audible & ultrasound ranges also ozone & nitrous oxide gases.

These emissions enable Geo Therm Ltd to detect, locate, measure and analyse PD activity to identify those anomalies before the development of failures. These deleterious anomalies, if not found will only deteriorate, increasing the chances of a catastrophic failure.

The equipment Geo Therm Ltd uses is ‘the UltraTEV Plus+’. The UltraTEV Plus+ is a handheld first pass instrument used to detect and measure the early signs of PD activity in high voltage assets, including; switchboards, cable boxes, cables and outdoor switchyards.

The UltraTEV Plus+ is the most versatile and effective handheld PD instrument available today. It is safe to use and a highly accurate way to detect PD; Geo Therm Ltd can perform our respected offshore and onshore PD surveys to your assets anywhere in the world, by providing highly trained and skilled staff with equipment made for the job.

Watch the EA Technology video here, then call 01502 723241.

Tracking from partial-discharge activity partial discharge at busbar intersection

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