Infrared Windows

The rig management on the Maersk Gallant, a harsh environment jack-up rig built to take on the year-round punishing conditions of the North Sea have elected to improve their electrical maintenance and safety regime by designating Geo Therm Ltd to supply their electrical department with the CorDEX range of infrared inspection windows.

The infrared windows are easily retro-fitted onto vital switch-gear assets, providing Maersk technicians with a safe means to thermally inspect energized equipment that are normally inaccessible, without the need to de-energize, open doors or remove panel fronts. Installation limits paperwork and the donning of bulky arc-flash PPE.  Through regular thermal inspections the effects of arc-flash is greatly reduced and cabinet integrity, and safety is maintained.

The CorDEX range of infrared windows are arc-flash tested against a 50kA short-circuit for 1 second at 11kV. For further information please call Geo Therm Ltd on: +44(0)1502 723241.

IW3000-2 corDEXCorDEX infrared inspection windows

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