Thermal Imaging

Walls with slumped or poor Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) result in large empty cavities that become ineffective barriers to maintaining stable, comfortable room temperatures. Ineffective or missing insulation can promote condensation and mould growth, whilst severely effecting seasonal heating bills. Identifying those areas where heat is dispersing through the walls is difficult, without physically stripping back the walls or drilling inspection holes into the masonry to determine the presence of CWI.

Thermal infra-red imaging changes all this, our technically advanced thermal cameras detect infrared radiation, effectively locating those places where heat is escaping to the environment, without having to physically damage the property. The thermal data can be quickly analysed using computing software, permitting conclusive proof of void presence and missing insulation within your wall cavity.

The thermographic images below highlights poor cavity fill in a semi-detached house. (The red and yellow areas show heat escaping through the badly insulated wall). Using our advanced thermal imaging systems we can locate your insulation deficiencies that are otherwise undetectable to the human eye. Call Geo Therm Ltd today on 01501 723241 and see the results for yourself. (SL/TD)


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