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Late June saw Andy Forman senior surveyor from the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) decend to Geo Therm Ltd’s workshop and office premises to perform a robust external audit, assessing equipment, certification, ISO quality document, procedures, training documentation, including equipment demonstrations, much to the delight of the MD Tony Dale in an attempt to gain the coveted ABS recognised specialist and service provder status.

ABS is one of the largest IACS Classification Societies. It provides technology leadership and trusted technical advice for marine and offshore industries, furthermore, its standards and technical specifications known collectively as the ABS Rules & Guides form the basis for assessing the design and construction of new vessels, and the integrity of existing vessels and marine structures, including the overview and approval for professional third party independent surveying companies such as Geo Therm Ltd, under the IACS UR Z17 procedural requirements for service suppliers.

Following the lengthy audit the team at Geo Therm Ltd are delighted to acheive the ABS recongnised service status for its condition monitoring services that include thermographic (thermal imaging), first pass hvpd partial discharge testing and ultrasonic hatch and door watertightness integrity testing.  Geo Therm Ltd are now officially approved inspectors for all ABS Class vessels.



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