Thermal Imaging

The FLIR AX8 marine thermal monitoring system, combining thermal and visible cameras in a small, affordable package installed into vital areas to keep a watchful eye on critical systems and equipment such as main engines, generators, exhaust systems and manifolds, shaft bearings and electrical distribution equipment. The AX8 enables captains and chief engineers to identify hot-spots that may manifest into potential fire ignition sources, breakdowns and potentially costly repairs.  For added safety, the AX8 features programmable alarms for detecting extreme temperature anomalies that can indicate potential fire, water leaks, or damaged hoses. The AX8 also features FLIR’s exclusive MSX® technology, which adds edges, text, and other details of visible imagery to the thermal image, allowing better image interpretation.  Let Geo Therm Ltd supply and retro-fit the versatile AX8 thermal camera into your vessel before your next sailing.

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